Speaking Engagements and One-on-One Consulting with Cynthea

Do you need a publishing expert to speak on topics for your organization related to book publishing (print and e-book) on the topic of Amazon Advertising and Author Central for KDP? Are you looking for a trainer to help your organization get your staff up to speed through online virtual classes or seminars?

If so, please do not hesitate to reach out to Cynthea. She is currently booking engagements for 2020, but if you need faster help, please message Cynthea with your conference or webinar date ranges, and maybe there’s a spot that could work if you really need someone sooner.

In Cynthea’s past career as a management consultant before she became a book publishing consultant, she has trained hundreds of users on how to understand how business objectives translate to making tech and data work for you. Nowhere is this more important than Amazon’s system of systems needed to make Amazon Advertising and A9 work together.

As a super-user herself, working with Amazon’s KPD interface and Author Central for her clients, she understands the behind-the-scenes nuances that her clients can’t readily understand on their own from her past experience with data and tech. Amazon Author Central and KPD can be a regular frustration point for users, and Cynthea can get your organization on the fast track to understanding how proper title setup and maintenance between KDP and Author Central interacts with Amazon Advertising campaign management and optimization to please Amazon’s A9 algorithm so that your titles can be indexed and more readily seen by shopping customers.

If you have high-quality book titles that demand an audience but just can’t seem to find it on Amazon, you can also contact Cynthea and explain your issue. Unfortunately, she can’t accept all clients because she is booked at capacity with private clients. However, if your problem is large in terms of revenue loss, and you are worried about people losing jobs-this kind of thing-please ask Cynthea for help. She would love to know what is going on and how she can assist, even if 30-minutes is all you need.

Cynthea is kind, helpful, and most of all, concerned that too many people in publishing are suffering more than they should. She believes there are answers out there to get your organization and your books on the right path.